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Tax Law Special Report: November 2022
If You Own a Corporation, A Limited Liability Company, or a Limited Partnership,You Need To Know About This New Reporting Requirement

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Rules to implement federal legislation called the Corporate Transparency Act were announced by the federal government on September 29, 2022. Those rules require all corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), and limited partnerships formed in the United States to report the personal information of every individual who owns at least 25% of, or exercises “substantial control” […]

“Waters of the United States” Rule Experiences Setback in North Dakota

Paul Tilley
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On August 27, 2015, Chief District Judge Ralph R. Erickson in the United States District Court for the District of North Dakota, Southeastern Division, granted a preliminary injunction sought by Arizona, eleven (11) western states, the New Mexico Environment Department, and the New Mexico State Engineer, to halt the enforcement of the new Clean Water […]

Billboard Company Receipts Not Subject to Sales Tax Under Personal Property Rental Classification. 

James Susa
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Jones Outdoor Advertising owns billboards located throughout Arizona. The Arizona Department of Revenue assessed Jones transaction privilege (sales) tax under the State’s personal property rental classification. Jones asserted that although its billboards were personal property, Jones did not lease or rent the billboards to its advertising customers. Jones also asserted that the State had repealed […]