Family Law

Consistent with its philosophy of offering a full range of legal services to the community, the Firm represents clients in all aspects of family law, which includes representation in all aspects of divorce, paternity proceedings, and parenting time disputes. Our representation includes issues involving property and debt division, legal decision making, parenting time, grandparents rights, third party visitation rights and the establishment, modification and enforcement of child support and spousal maintenance. Our family law attorneys also advise and represent clients with respect to issues regarding alternative relationships, whether opposite or same sex. The Firm’s lawyers act as mediators/ arbitrators to resolve family law disputes and are available to assist clients in a collaborative divorce.

Our family law attorneys strive to combine zealous advocacy with a recognition that marital and family disputes require a quick and just resolution on the most amicable terms possible. We strongly believe that bitter and protracted litigation in this area of the law, though sometimes unavoidable, is most often counterproductive and, especially when children are involved, leaves all parties unhappy and sometimes emotionally scarred. We thus encourage and work toward a fair settlement of domestic disputes whenever possible.


Areas of Expertise

Adoption and Severance of Parental Rights

Arbitration and Mediation Services

Cohabitation Agreements

Collaborative Law

Community Property Law

Custody and Visitation Issues


Domestic Partnerships

Domestic Violence

Equitable Distribution

Grandparents’ Rights

Interstate Support

Marital Agreements


Non-Traditional Family Law




Postnuptial Agreements

Premarital Agreements

Separation Agreements

Spousal Maintenance (Alimony)