Shareholder John Lacy Hosts Mining Law Summit

Shareholder John Lacy, current Director of the Global Mining Law Center at the University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law is pleased to announce the Global Mining Law Center’s first annual Mining Law Summit to be held on September 16, 2016.  This year’s summit will focus on collaborative solutions for mined land reclamation.

The future of the domestic mining will be substantially impacted by technical and legal issues associated with existing mined lands because the most promising mineral prospects are likely those that have been the subject of prior mining activities. Existing environmental laws place significant liability upon “owners, operators and arrangers” of mineral properties and redevelopment, reuse and scientific planning related to mined land is generally considered to be discouraged due to possible environmental liability. This summit brings together speakers to look at the range of scientific and policy issues related to mined land remediation and will offer participants at the conference an opportunity to discuss legal and technical solutions.

The Global Mining Law Center is the first ever interdisciplinary unit focusing on mining and law.  Beginning August 2015, the center has offered degree and non-degree training opportunities online and in residence with a clear goal to educate lawyers on mining issues and miners on legal issues.  John Lacy is the first Director of the Global Mining Law Center, and is an Arizona Law alumnus and University of Arizona Law Professor who devotes his career to international mining transactions.  Lacy is also the 2015 winner of the distinguished Clyde O. Martz Teaching Award, given by the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation in honor of excellence in teaching natural resources law.

Additional information on the conference may be found here and here.