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Do I Have To Pay Tax On My Inheritance?

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I have addressed in previous reports the tax consequences of gifts and inheritances, but the subject is worth revisiting because I get asked about it frequently. There is a common misconception that inheritances are automatically taxable. Although the reasoning behind that misconception is usually not clearly articulated, or is unexpressed, I think it originates with […]

What Not To Do, And What To Do, When Deciding How To Handle The Contents Of The Family Homestead

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I have heard lots of stories over the years about how families have handled removing the contents of the family homestead when the time came to sell it, after the family members who lived there passed away. A blogger whose posts I read occasionally, who uses the screen name Coyote, recently put up a short […]

Estate Planning Law Report: August 2015
Designating A Beneficiary On the Title and Other Ways to Plan for Gifts of Your Vehicle and Other Things

NB Hannah
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Several years ago, legislation was adopted in Arizona to create the Beneficiary Designation For Vehicle Title Transfer Upon Death. It’s Arizona Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Division Form 96-0561, and is available on the Motor Vehicle Division’s web site ( As its name implies, the form allows you to designate one or more individuals to receive […]

Estate Planning Law Report: MAY 2015
A Sensitive, But Important, Subject

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I have in the past touched on the subject of burial instructions, but probably not in as much detail as I should have. Maybe that’s because it’s a sensitive subject. There isn’t as much law on the subject as you might expect. There is an Arizona statute that says a legally competent adult may prepare […]

Is A Gift Taxable Income?

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December seemed like a good time to talk about gifts, for some reason.  It’s a popular subject all the time, but particularly this time of year. A misconception that I encounter frequently is the notion that when assets are distributed from an estate, the recipient has to pay tax on the distribution. Although the rationale […]

Estate Planning Law Report: September 2014
Estate Planning For Dummies?

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You know about the “…For Dummies” series of books, right? Is there an “Estate Planning For Dummies” book? If there is, it would be impossible for it to go into a lot of detail. That’s where the tricky parts are, in the details. Getting the details right is important when it comes to something like […]