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Tax Law Special Report: December 2020
If Someone Calls You and Says They Are From The Government, Then Makes Demands Or Threats, They Are Trying To Rob You

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I can say without hesitation that no government agency will do any of the following: (1) ask you to pay a debt to a government agency with a prepaid debit card or a gift card. (2) demand payment of a debt to a government agency without having told you first, in writing, how much they […]

Tax Law Special Report: November 2017
All The Hullaballoo Over The Home Mortgage Interest Deduction Comes Down To Changing One Amount

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I usually don’t bother writing about, or even spend too much time thinking about, proposed tax legislation. I figure I can’t do anything about it except to try to understand it after it is enacted. I’m going to make an exception for the proposed change to the dollar limit on the home mortgage interest deduction because […]

Tax Law Special Report
Federal Individual Income Tax Filing Season Runs From January 23 Through April 18, 2017

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The IRS announced in its first news release of the year that it will begin accepting 2016 individual income tax returns via electronic filing, and will start processing paper returns, on January 23, 2017. The same announcement says that the deadline for filing 2016 returns is April 18, 2017. Yes, the filing deadline is April […]

What Is That Notice I Receive From The County Assessor Every February, and What Am I Supposed To Do About It?

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Sometime soon, meaning before March 1, the County Assessor of each county in Arizona will be mailing to all property owners the annual notice of the valuation of property for purposes of property tax assessment. It’s that letter you get every year that says “NOTICE OF VALUATION” at the top.  It used to be a […]

If You Were Paying Attention, You Could See This Tax (and Financial) Disaster Coming From A Mile Away

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“In May 2004, Plaintiff hired Ra Shonda Kay Marshall… to ‘assist [him] in budgeting [his] income and expenses and to provide bill payment services.’  Marshall was previously employed at Omni Elite, a financial management firm in Ohio, where she had provided bill payment and other financial services to Plaintiff.  However, she left the firm to […]

Wesley Snipes Released From Prison After Serving 3 Years For Willful Failure To File Tax Returns – An Object Lesson?

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I wrote in May, 2009, about the travails of the actor Wesley Snipes resulting from his criminal conviction for three counts of willful failure to file income tax returns. I mentioned in April, 2012, that he was still in prison for claiming that he didn’t have to file income tax returns.  More recently, I was […]