Make A Payment Using LawPay


As a courtesy to our clients, Deconcini, McDonald, Yetwin and Lacy, P.C. accepts credit cards and e-checks for payment of invoices and advanced deposits. For added convenience, we have partnered with LawPay to provide a secure webpage to protect our clients’ financial information. Paying online eliminates the need for writing a check, and saves time and postage. You will not incur an additional cost by using the LawPay portal. Please note, due to bank processing times, it may take 2-3 days before your account reflects your payment.

Invoice Payment

To pay an invoice, click the link below


Advanced Payment

To make an advanced payment, to the trust account click on the link below

Existing clients who would like to pay an invoice will need the Client ID number as it appears on the header of the invoice, along with the amount being paid.

Please Note: If the firm is unable to match the payment to an existing account, the charge may be rejected.

New and existing clients who would like to make advanced payments to the trust account.

Please Note: An advanced deposit to a trust account DOES NOT secure legal representation. You must be in possession of an engagement letter executed by a Firm attorney.

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